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A documentary on mental health and recovery

Reviewed in Psychology Today by Dr. Lloyd Sederer, medical director of the New York State Office of Mental Health.

Recently invited to be screened at the 2015 Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival.

So You’re Going Crazy… is currently airing bi-monthly on CBC’s Documentary Channel, and being utilized in the following programs:

  • The Personal Support Worker Program, Dr. Bette Stephenson Centre for Learning.
  • Humber River Regional Hospital Early Intervention in Psychosis Program.
  • Mood Disorders Association of Ontario “Stop the Stigma” Training.
  • Mood and Anxiety Services Day Treatment Program, and the Ambulatory Care & Structured Treatment Program at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
  • CAMH’s Psychiatric Resident Training and Outreach Program.
  • The Consumer/ Survivor Information Resource Centre of Toronto.
  • The Gerstein Centre for Crisis Intervention, Toronto.
  • McGill University Health Centre's Early Psychosis & Schizophrenia Spectrum Program.
  • Parkdale Project Read’s Series on Diverse Identities and Experiences.
  • The CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association), Aurora and Markham branches.
  • Columbia University Medical Centre, Mount Royal University, University of Guelph, Ryerson University, University of Manitoba, Brandon University, University of Regina, Douglas College (BC), and others.

Invited Lectures, Festivals, and Keynote Appearances:

  • International Day for Persons with Disabilities Event, Ryerson University, 2010.
  • Ontario Public Service Diversity Office Symposium, 2010.
  • Ontario Working Group for Early Psychosis Intervention, 2011.
  • Warren Washington Association for Mental Health Community Outreach Event, 2011.
  • ACLAIMH (Association of Community Living Agencies in Mental Health) 2011 Conference, “Riding the Waves of Change”, Keynote address.
  • Rendezvous with Madness, Toronto Filmmakers Spotlight, 2010.
  • Workman Arts Classroom Initiative, 2012.


"So You're Going Crazy... gave my students a snapshot into the life of everyday people with mental illness. We saw extraordinary people in a raw, candid environment that gave my students the platform to openly discuss the topic of mental illness as something people all over, live with.”

                                                   - Lisa Wauchope, Personal Support Worker Instructor

“If you have any interest in mental health and its personal and social implications, you should watch this film. Dean shares stories of experiences in psychiatric inpatient care, including her own, with a keen wit, artistry, and an obvious appreciation of the complexity called for by such an exploration.”

                              – Caitlin McKeever, MD, Psychiatry Resident, University of Toronto

“I say this openly as a high-functioning crazy person who went through the terrifying carousel of treatment during my 20s: I thought Hilary's film 'So You're Going Crazy' was perfect. After attending the screening, I texted a friend immediately afterwards saying, "I've been made to cry laughing in movies before, but this might have been the first one to make me laugh crying." Hilary picked and portrayed such honest, wry, sharp perspectives, so many of which I related to. People managing severe mental illness are everywhere, but we suffer alone. We need more voices like Hilary Dean's who are willing to shed a candid light on one of the scariest, most lonesome rides through life there is.”

                                                                                         - Momoko Price, writer and editor

So You're Going Crazy... was made possible by a grant from the Reva Gerstein Legacy Fund.