Valentine Cabin, Leighton Colony. Thanks to the CBC and The Banff Centre. Photo by Dave Schoonderbeek.

Valentine Cabin, Leighton Colony. Thanks to the CBC and The Banff Centre. Photo by Dave Schoonderbeek.

I'm currently writing a novel about depression, recovery, and suicide prevention. But there's also super fun stuff in it like aliens, time travel, sex, zombies, sex zombies- just everything you like, just trust me. That guy from that thing you love, he's in it. Remember? There's like a car and then rain and then he's dead I think, I don't know, it's ambiguous? Paula Abdul is so sad and she's wearing a yellow scarf and then in a flashback she goes, "Have you ever been in love?" and he says, "If I was, I didn't know it." But he IS in love right THEN with PAULA ABDUL and he DOESN'T KNOW IT. Only you, as the viewer, you know it. You know it so much.

So far, seven excerpted chapters have found publication:

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION won EVENT Magazine's 2014 Non-Fiction Contest and was named a Notable Essay in Best American Essays, 2015.

HOLY BALD-HEADED won the Canada Writes Creative Non-Fiction Prize in 2012. (Mature content, sexual assault)

BRACES was published in EVENT Magazine Issue 43/1.

Keanu Reeves!

PROMISES won the 2015 Lascaux Prize in short fiction.

ON WATCH won EVENT Magazine's 2016 Non-Fiction Contest.

COMFORT appeared in Matrix Magazine's Fall 2016 issue.

RESURRECTION was longlisted for the UK Galley Beggar Prize and shortlisted for the Commonwealth Prize.

My other work has been published in THIS Magazine and EnRoute, and has shortlisted for the Journey Prize and the HG Wells competition

Some kind words:

"Holy Bald-Headed breaks your heart," the jury, comprising acclaimed writers Charles Foran, Charlotte Gill and Marina Nemat, said in a statement. “Written with great economy and direct, unsparing prose, the story is in equal parts tender and brutal, an inspired portrait of the sadness and outrage of life." – Canada Writes Award, 2012.

On Watch delighted me with a strong, distinct voice. It also made me laugh- no small feat considering the tough subject matter and the bleak settings. The author’s ear for dialogue and rhythm, her skill in crafting vivid scenes, and her ability to summon the surly teenage voice of her younger self, and to orchestrate it all with the assured hand of a writer well beyond her years, made this piece a triumph.” – Ayelet Tsabari, for EVENT Magazine.

"Orthodontics meet romance in this hilarious story told from the perspective of a teenage girl. Fantastic voice, memorable characters, and unique details make this piece a must-read." - Nicole Boyce, PRISM International, on Braces in Event 43.1


Still working on the novel, which I was only joking about up there because it is, in fact, such a vast and serious, sex zombieless undertaking that I have to make light of it in order not to be crushed by the weight of how much it actually means to me.  Qapla'!